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About The Liberty Series

All of the action, adventure and romance of The Liberty Series in a first-ever bundle!
Over 700 pages of heart-pounding action, adventure and romance. This bundle includes: Liberty Begins (Book One), Liberty At Last (Book Two), and Liberty...And Justice For All (Book Three). 
Adventure. Fate. From Rags to Riches...My name is Liberty and I'm a good girl. I come from nothing. I have no one but myself. Sometimes I do things I don't want to -- I do them because I have to. Stripping. That's my life in Vegas. And my boss keeps pressuring me to do more than just take my clothes off...
Then John Carter Quinn crashes into my life. He's an older, gorgeous billionaire in a thousand dollar suit. He keeps coming to see me, night after night. I'm not sure what he wants -- but one night at my club he takes down a bad guy, and I find out what type of business he's actually in. Hint: he doesn't sit at a desk, he employs a bunch of ex-military operatives, and it's lethal to be on his bad side.
Like me, John has his share of secrets. Dark secrets, dark pain. One of his secrets involves my past. These secrets will bring us together...and then tear us apart.
A romantic, sexy, page-turning adventure!