The Druid Series Complete Mega Boxed Set 1-6 By Marata Eros Ebook Download


About The Druid Series Complete Mega Boxed Set 1-6

The Complete Series! 1400 pages of DRUID!

Vampire soldiers seek females of witch heritage for survival.

Readers: "It's super freaking hot!"

"I loved this book and will read it again."

"I couldn't put it down..."

"Would recommend to all 50 shades readers."

From NY Times bestseller Marata Eros and for fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood and Twilight comes a controversial tale of alpha vampire warriors who do not sparkle, claiming what is theirs for the survival of the species.

NOTE: the DRUID [#1 Amazon bestselling erotic horror, victorian an historical] serial contains extreme violence throughout and should not be downloaded/read by the faint-of-heart. Might contain triggers.

A 6-book collection featuring controversial and daringly different dark reverse harem romance. Alpha vampires and female Druids, who possess witch's blood, come together in a cauldron of twelve volumes of decadent, non-vanilla dark paranormal romance.

Included stories:

Druid 1 - Reapers, Bled & Harvest: 4.1 (at Google Play)

Druid 2 - Sow, Seed, & Plow: 4.5

Druid 3 - Thresher & Exotic: 4.5

Druid 4 - The Druid Breeders: 4.5

Druid 5 - Baird: 4.2

Druid 6 - Seraphina & Titus: 4.2

Average star rating: 4.3

Druid 1-6 is a mega compilation with 292k words and app. 1400 paperback pages.


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