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About Jameson's Salvation

If there was ever a time when Jameson Grant wished he was a different sort of man, it was now. The sort of man who had it in him to accept the promise of tomorrow from a sweet woman. But he wasn’t the kind of man who liked sweet. The former SEAL didn’t like much of anything or anyone. His past had taught him that people where liars and cheats and his time as a Special Forces operator taught him people also killed and manipulated. So Jameson did what he did best and walked away from the sexy blonde, with legs that were every man’s fantasy. But when she comes back in desperate need of help, he cannot turn is back on the beautiful Kennedy Lane a second time.

Kennedy Lane was in trouble and she only knew one man who could help. But when she went in search of her childhood friend, the owner of Gemini Group, she found his sexy teammate Jameson instead. The man was positively broody, and brash, and most certainly rough around the edges, and possibly the most distrusting person she’d ever met. He was also hot, and bossy, and when he forgot to be a jerk, he was sweet. The problem was, he wasn’t interested in her—not personally. Jameson had one mission—keep Kennedy safe—a directive he’d made crystal clear.

As the pressure to sell her land increases, the team quickly realizes just how far the greedy land developer will go in his quest to steal everything Kennedy loves. Nothing is off limits and no one is safe. Lines blur when Kennedy’s life is on the line and Jameson can no longer deny he’s fallen for the woman he never dared to dream existed. Now time’s running out—literally—and it’s up to Jameson to save the woman he loves.

I love how different the style was from the first book- like you’re really in different peoples’ heads! I often get frustrated when an author uses the same conventions throughout their books and it gets repetitive and dull. Not so with this book! Another great read.

Riley you did it again, love Jameson. It was a great read and perfect for the series. You won’t be disappointed and will be sucked in and won’t be able to put it down. Amazing

Characters were easy to like and flawed. Villians were easy to hate.

good guys, bad guys and a hot tough girl perfect trio. Add hot sexy SEAL testosterone, small town tomboy toughness and hot sparks will fly! Love the series that highlights the brotherhood of the military AND every woman’s desire to be feel protected and loved! This author does it right, no pushovers here, balanced perfectly!

Really good storyline with excellent characters. Lots of drama, danger, and love in this story.

Jameson was broken and Kennedy was his light! I loved the way their relationship evolved throughout the story, and when Jameson finally gave in to his feelings for Ken.


Never had a book that made me cry before.. characters emotions was wonderful conveyed...

Suspenseful love story.

I truly enjoyed the story- great suspense with some really humorous parts. The only thing I didn’t like was that Kennedy’s chapters were all done in first person but Jameson’s chapters were second person, which made no sense. There were also some obvious spelling errors as well. Would definitely benefit from some professional editing (not by spellcheck).

I really enjoyed this book. Action packed with a surprising twist near the end.

Good story line. Well written. Could use some minor editing on word use.