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Fall in love at Bayside, where sandy beaches, good friends, and true love come together in the sweet small towns of Cape Cod. Bayside Summers is a series of standalone steamy romance novels featuring alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They're fun, flirty, flawed, deeply emotional, and easy to relate to.

Tegan Fine has never had a plan—life, business, or otherwise. But she’s always had goals—to laugh daily and to pay it forward as often as she is able, just like her favorite uncle always did. After inheriting her great-uncle’s amphitheater, Tegan makes a risky move to a charming small town on Cape Cod to carry on her uncle’s legacy and hopefully expand the business with her new friend, Harper. Unfortunately, those goals aren’t doing much to help her plan a business strategy for her new endeavor. With Harper counting on her and her uncle’s legacy at stake, she swears off all distractions, determined to succeed. If only she could stop bumping into a certain arrogant, witty, and excruciatingly hot businessman who tweaks her nerves and invades her every thought. Including her late-night fantasies.

Self-professed workaholic Jett Masters never slows down. He lives life with no attachments—except to his clients, to whom he gives his all. A reluctant trip to his hometown has him itching to shake the ghosts of his past and get back to spinning deals and adding to his investments. But when he comes face-to-face with a gorgeous, handsy woman who is quite possibly the snarkiest and most disorganized person he’s ever met, sparks fly, and his sharp mind stumbles. He doesn’t even know her name, but he can’t get her out of his mind.

A chance encounter turns into a wild, sexy night, and their chemistry is off the charts—even if their ideals, and their lives, are worlds apart. Neither Jett nor Tegan is looking for more. Becoming friends with benefits seems like the perfect solution. But when they are trapped together in torrential weather, they work side by side in the aftermath, and every passionate kiss deepens their connection. Secrets are shared, trust is built, and no promises dare be made. As their lives move on, lines begin to blur, hearts get hurt, and their true selves come into focus. Tegan and Jett are left wondering if they make the perfect storm, or if they’ve reached the end of their bayside fantasy.

Bayside Desires
Bayside Passions
Bayside Heat
Bayside Escape
Bayside Romance
Bayside Fantasies
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“If you love the small town romances written by Donna Alward, Kristan Higgins and Laura Trentham--you will adore Melissa Foster's The Real Thing!" Lady Celeste Reads Romance

"Melissa Foster truly is the Nicholas Sparks of steamy adult romance." MammieBabbie

"I love family-oriented stories, or series that focus on a reminded me of Bella Andre's Sullivans series." Joy, Goodreads

"Melissa Foster is quickly becoming one of my favorites…reminds me of Jill Shalvis' books and they are my benchmark for contemporary romance awesomeness." Books Like Breathing

"When it comes to contemporary romances with realistic characters, an emotional love story and smokin' hot sex, author Melissa Foster always delivers!" The Romance Reviews

"You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining…once you start you won't want to stop reading. " NYT Bestseller Brenda Novak

"I highly recommend this book to fans of Nora Roberts (one of my personal faves) and fans of a sweet story filled with heat and heart." Tia Bach, author
"With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" NYT Bestseller J. Kenner

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" NYT bestseller Lauren Blakely

"I highly recommend the Snow Sisters all the Braden and Remington books...They remind me of the McCarthy of Gansett series and The Green Mountain series. I am a huge fan of Marie Force. And now Melissa Foster has joined her ranks." I Love NY, Reviewer

Foster's love stories are perfect steamy romance beach reads for fans of steamy big-family, small-town romance. The characters are romantic and loyal, some are billionaires, others are blue collar, and you're always guaranteed a happily ever after.

I’ve loved all of the seaside books, but this is by far my favorite one. I just couldn’t put it down and I laughed so much and even cried with this one. I LOVE it.

What another great story from Melissa Foster. Tegan and Jett were wonderful. Opposites definitely attract and they work well together. Aaron Shedlock and Andi Arndt did a wonderful job narrating Bayside Fantasies. I loved their voices and how they brought the characters to life

Tegan Fine returns to Cape Cod, but not for a temporary visit this time. She taking a chance and returning to hopefully make her late uncle proud. Tegan’s uncle left her his beloved amphitheater and house in hopes she’d find “home”. Tegan is quirky, thoughtful, a dreamer, intelligent, artistic, multitalented, and a hard worker. She and her friend Harper hope to continue her uncle’s legacy, while making the amphitheater their own. Tegan has wonderful ideas, but they’re scattered—on post-it notes! All it takes is a chance meeting with a self proclaimed workaholic to iron out a plan—if she’ll give him a chance. Mr. Armani (aka Jett Masters), a self made millionaire, KNOWS how to run a profitable business. He purchases businesses that are floundering and makes them profitable. He’s an excellent businessman, but a lousy brother and son. Vowing not to repeat the mistakes of his father, Jett does EXACTLY that. Until he runs into Tegan at a gas station in the pouring rain. After a couple of chance meetings, with chemistry that’s off the charts, they decide to become FWB. No heartbreaks or love involved, right? It'll work, right? Until it doesn’t... I loved Tegan and Jett. They were sooo perfectly matched! Total opposites! I loved that Jett offered Tegan advice, but didn’t take over. He allowed her to voice her opinions and ideas, then make her own decisions. He helped her “organize” her thoughts without downplaying her ideas. He was supportive and NOT domineering. I enjoyed how Tegan, ever so slightly, nudged Jett into digging deep into his past and encouraged Jett to try to make amends with his family. I loved how Tegan was able to “see” the real Jett. Jett was truly a softy and great with kids! Between the little girl’s funny names for her dad’s customers and Mr. Armani...too funny! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

I love the Bayside series, really all of them. Jett Masters was a man you took the financial world by storm. But he was estranged from his hometown, family and friends. He didn’t have a particularly bad life growing up but he had a little heartache. He had a special relationship with his father but his father started spending less time at home and eventually moved out. He did come back home but the relationship was never repaired, so Jett figured if he didn’t start relationships then he wouldn’t be hurt. So he just built a empire by paying it forward. Teagan Fine had a favorite Uncle Harvey who passed away leaving her millions of dollars, a theater company and his mansion. She was determined to take over and make him proud, by being a successful business woman. When Jett and Teg got together their was sparks everywhere. And their love story was beautiful ❤️

I loved Tegan and Jett! What starts at a gas punp during a storm, develops into one of the hottest, most loving, and most fun reading I have experienced in a long time. Melissa Foster pulled me into this story on page one, and never let me go. There are lots of things going on other than their relationship. I really loved the family dynamic going on with Jett and his family. Melissa really surprised me in that storyline near the end. At times, this story made me fan myself, times that the tears fell, and times I was laughing out loud, but through it all, I was totally immersed in the story. It is absolutely a wonderful book!

Jett is a tall DARK glass of whiskey......Tegan is a fun flirty sensitive stabilizing force of nature......We all have our demons....some more than others. It is how we get through them that makes or breaks us. Together these two make magic happen. Thank you for taking us back to a Bayside!

Tegan is living life adventurously, passionately and with humor. Jett only has passion for his work. When their worlds connect, through eye contact at a gas station in the middle of a winter storm, a spark is ignited. A chance encounter and an interesting conversation that same day leave them both curious for more. Discovering their compatibility in and out of the bedroom without an actual relationship protects their independent personalities, but not necessarily their hearts. Fate and chance have a funny way of bringing new perspective into ones life. This steamy long distance relationship is a wonderful addition to the Bayside Summer Series.

I loved Teagan so much! She is fun, fearless, and smart. She is also the perfect sassy match to keep Jett on his toes! She gives him a challenge in every way which was exactly what he needed. He has some family history he has spent some time avoiding but she helps calm him and works through it. This book is an adventure and I loved it.

I have read a lot of Melissa Foster books and am always looking forward to the next one. This beautiful story just blew me away. The depth of her characters is incredible and Tegan and Jett are exceptional and have so much chemistry. Tegan is a bright, happy woman who has also experienced a loss and sadness. Jett is hurt by family situations and has no room for friends and family as he rarely comes home. I loved how Tegan and Jett met in the cafe. That scene made me laugh. Others made me cry. Melissa Foster’s writing makes me feel like I am a part of the story and I loved all these Bayside characters. An exceptional five star read.

I was giddy with excitement reading this wonderful book. Constantly trying to find time to escape back into this entertaining, fun, romantic, sexy, adventure that was bursting with passion, desire and love. These are such fantastic characters and so well developed. Written in dual points of view, I loved getting to see what Jett and Tegan thought about each other, as their story unfolds. It was heartwarming to see how they are there for each other through the good and the bad. But what I loved most was seeing just how good they are together. Full of friendships, fun times, laughter, family issues, community, love and loss. This definitely brings all of the feels. Don't pass this one up! I Loved it! Received a early copy for an honest review.


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