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About Weston's Treasure

Silver Coyle thought she was doing the right thing—see something, say something. Now she finds herself kidnapped, chained to a pipe in the hull of a ship, and on a collision course with death. Her only chance of rescue is from the one man she never wants to see again—Weston Beil—the know-it-all former SEAL. He’s bossy, arrogant, and sexy all wrapped up in a tough-guy package. Untouchable. But that doesn’t stop the man from sending shivers of excitement racing down her spine.

Weston Beil didn’t want to be right, he didn’t want to say I told you so, but there it was—the beautiful Silver was caught in the middle of a drug war just like he’d warned. The woman was headstrong and stubborn. She tested his limits, pushed his buttons, and set his body on fire. Weston had a plan, he was prepared to use everything in his arsenal to prove to Silver she was his. Only there’s a glitch in Weston’s plan—Silver might not stay alive long enough for him to claim his treasure and convince her he’s fallen in love.

Loved this one almost as much as the first one! Again, totally impressed with the new voices/writing style for the new characters. Absolutely love that she doesn’t drop the characters from prior books, either, like so many series do- we fell in love with those couples and we love hearing about them! I love the whole team more and more. Can’t wait to keep reading more from this author.

Made me laugh and made me cry, to me that makes it perfect

Weston’s story, he has definitely met his match and even though she is tough she just needs to find her way with Weston. Great story amazing series. Keep them coming !!!!

Story may have been good but there was so many expletives for the sake of just having expletives. I think it’s dumb writing to not be able to use some other words.

All I can say is this was an absolute beautiful read! Weston and Silver had a tough ride to their happy ending, but it was awesome to see it play out!

To say that I love Riley Edwards’ books is an understatement. I. Love. Riley Edward’s. Books!! Riley’s writing always has me forgetting everything but the book I’m reading. She is an amazing storyteller and one of the best Military/Suspense authors IMO. Silver is headstrong, stubborn and due to a toxic and unconventional childhood has low self esteem and has trust issues. I confess, there were times Silver worked on my nerves, but I understood why she was like that. Weston..LOVE HIM!! He is Alpha. protective, bossy (sexy bossy) and very patience. At first they were explosive when they couldn’t stand each other. But that explosive chemistry transformed into the bedroom💥🔥💥🔥 Weston saw Silver for who she really is. And he had the patience with Silver each time she had her doubts and tried to sabotage their relationship. Love the storyline. It had less action and suspense than the other books but for me it was perfect. Now..there are 2 story that I’m dying to read...Holden and Alec’s books are going to be amazing and I’ll be waiting anxiously for each of those books. MY RATING: 5 STARS!!