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About Beautiful Things

I come from a family forged by tragedies and bound by a remarkable, unbreakable love,” Hunter Biden writes in this deeply moving memoir of addiction, loss, and survival.

When he was two years old, Hunter Biden was badly injured in a car accident that killed his mother and baby sister. In 2015, he suffered the devastating loss of his beloved big brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer at the age of forty-six. These hardships were compounded by the collapse of his marriage and a years-long battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

In Beautiful Things, Hunter recounts his descent into substance abuse and his tortuous path to sobriety. The story ends with where Hunter is today—a sober married man with a new baby, finally able to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

This book is so courageous. God bless!

Incredible and honest book about human struggles and overcoming adversity. Hunter Biden wrote a masterpiece.

I enjoyed Hunter Biden’s book and respect his honesty. What a difficult and personal story to share. I had read Joe Biden’s book and found Hunter the better writer. I can read anything if it is well written.

Hunter’s truth admitting his addictions will help so many addicts see their own truths. Brave and heroic to lay bare your heart and soul with such honesty. How many people are strong enough to expose their most traumatic and destructive disorders to a politically divided and polarized country that has so much hate for him. Thank you Hunter for your heroism.

It can’t be an autobiography but be loaded with lies

Very bad

Loved this book. It doesn’t surprise me that Biden haters are the first to comment. This was honest, heartfelt, and heart-rendering. I, for one, respect people who own up to their foibles and move on to be distinguished and a person of worth.

Anyone who doesn’t binge CNN knows of the infamous exploits of Hunter Biden and company. Form his Crack addiction, to his adventures as a Ukrainian Oil company baron. A job he was not qualified for. Got into and out of thanks to his Dad, which is called corruption by the way. Not to mention the fun times he must’ve had with his dear friend Jeffery Epstein on his private island before he mysteriously killed himself. Hunter Biden is the paradigm of a liar and political corruption, and his presidential houseplant of a father is not much better.

Hunter Biden is a Crackhead Pedofile that needs to be locked away and his father needs to be arrested for Treason.


Wow Read this straight through in a days time Written from the heart So proud of you, Hunter Thank you.

Another book about a crackhead. Fascinating.