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About Holden's Resurrection

Former Navy SEAL Holden Stanford gave up the only woman he ever loved so she could have the family she wanted. And she’d found it—with one of his teammates. A betrayal that cut so deep that, years later, it still bled. But his sacrifice was all for naught—the one thing he never wanted for her happened—she lost her husband on the battlefield. Now she's back. In his life, in his space, and opening old wounds. The mere sight of her destroyed him, but seeing her daughter—excruciating. The little girl was a living reminder of everything they lost. The one thing he could never get over.

Charleigh Towler understood how one decision could change the trajectory of life. One night, too much alcohol and overwhelming hurt led her to make a bad decision. One she couldn’t regret because out of that she made her daughter. But it had forever altered her path. For years she’d paid for her perceived mistake until the man she’d never stopped loving was almost killed and she reevaluated her life. She was done allowing Holden Stanford to hide. Never one to dally, she packed up her life and moved to Maryland to do something she should’ve done years ago—fight for the man she loved.

Close to getting everything they should’ve always had, Charleigh’s life is thrown off its path again—only this time it’s her daughter’s life that hangs in the balance.

Holden and Charleigh’s story was soo good!!! Their story started with some not so sunny history, and it left both their hearts broken for years. Their finally trying to work through their problems and it’s not an easy road, but they make it through. This was beautiful, and Faith made it even better! I can’t wait to read the next one! ☺️

Alpha men with strong loving women. Great writing.

I’m new to Riley Edwards’ books, and always seem to come into a series in the middle. It’s not an issue, really, since she gives the reader a good chunk of backstory and relationship information. But I honestly don’t know how any of the previous books can top Holden and Charleigh’s story. I can’t even begin to describe the plot, because I know I’m going to either spoil a plot point or ramble on to long. The emotional upheaval for this couple is mind blowing, heartbreaking and overwhelming. I wasn’t sure they’d make it. I wasn’t sure I would, either...it was a lot. But in a good, can’t-put-it-down kind of way. I was strapped in for this roller coaster ride with no way off...or a desire to. Great characters, for whom I will now backtrack and read their stories, and interesting and intricate plot and more drama than any must-see tv show. I highly recommend it!

I’m not sure where to start, I was just reading and kept opening and closing my mouth and not sure what to say, the twists were definitely there in this book. I loved Holden in all the other books and I couldn’t wait to see why he was so darn grumpy. So many ways Holden and Charleigh could’ve just talked to each other and worked out everything with each other. instead years later they both love each other but are still feeling betrayed by each other. I can’t give away anything else except her mother in law was a piece of work and so nasty to her granddaughter. Charleigh’s parents were just as bad and it’s no wonder her situation ended up being the way it was between her and Holden. Lots of tears and I love my alpha males. I loved thIs book but I still adore Delaney the most.....Standalone book but it has previous characters in the books which give a very complete story. I’m also really wondering about Johnny now....... I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

We’ve been waiting for Holden’s story forever. It is here and a truly emotional tale. It will have you crying, laughing and mad as a hornet depending on where you are in this book. Holden and his “Leigh-Leigh” have been through a lot over the last 8 or so years and the hits just keep coming. This book has a hard headed man, secrets, lies, betrayal, 3 nasty grandparents, loyal “brothers” and their women, an adorable little girl and two people who have never stopped loving each other no matter the years apart.