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About The Rebel King

USA Today Bestseller and RITA® Award-winning author Kennedy Ryan delivers the gripping conclusion to the All the King's Men Duet
Ambition. Revenge. Love.
Raised to resist. Bred to fight. Survival is in my blood and surrender is never an option.

Though surrender is what Maxim Cade demanded of my body and heart, I had other plans. We were fast-burning fascination and combustible chemistry, but the man I trusted with everything was a trickster. A thief who stole my love. If what we had was a lie, why did it feel so real? The man I swore to hate will have it all, and wants me at his side. But power is a game, and we're the pawns and players.
Facing insurmountable odds, will we win the world, or will we lose it all?

This book features lots of cursing and sex, a heads-up for those averse. What made the previous book stand out was how the author combined the best parts of romance novels with research to deliver a meaningful story grounded in reality. This book still has a couple of beautiful moments, but trades a lot of what made this series unique for the same romanticized drama, toxic masculinity, and comedic sex that readers can find in every other romance novel. A vaccine that has proven harmful during animal trials wouldn’t be considered for human testing. The discussion of health care and the pharmaceutical industry is glossed over in favor of installing a flat villain as a shallow plot device. Similarly, Max isn’t qualified and has already demonstrated he’s emotionally compromised and thus wouldn’t be allowed in the hostage negotiation room much less on the rescue operation, making the resulting events contrived. Once again, Max’s capitalist views go unchallenged despite running for office and it being a central part of his character. He claims capitalism is “essentially about choices and options and hard work” but he became a billionaire by, at least in part, swallowing the other options with the benefit of the money his grandma left, his straight cis white male privilege, and his family name, which he conveniently didn’t change and used for his company, to become a largely unchecked monopoly of wealth and power like his father. While choices and hard work may be involved, capitalism as it stands is about making a ton of money as cost-effectively as possible, which often results in cut corners, exploited workers, and disregard for the impact products and services have on consumers. Nix shouldn’t be apologizing for calling Max on his privilege, a discussion that was unfortunately cut short in favor of make up sex. Max says he doesn’t want to shed his privilege because he wouldn’t be able to use it to help those who don’t, but they wouldn’t need him to if the systems of oppression granting him those very advantages weren’t in place. She also doesn’t call Owen out for admittedly using her and Kimba as diversity props. When Max is on the phone, Nix suspects he’s speaking Chinese or Japanese, though Chinese isn’t a spoken language, something she should know since she’s in politics. Given his business deal in Hong Kong, he’s likely speaking Cantonese, which sounds nothing like Japanese, and reads as an oversight if not ignorance. The discussion on the environmental impact of the meat industry is messy. Yes, stopping deforestation, which increases carbon emissions while decreasing carbon absorption, helps but deforestation-free meat isn’t accessible to most people and doesn’t affect current methane production. While most aren’t advocating for eliminating meat consumption, given its cultural significance, it definitely is about significantly reducing it. Swapping to chicken can help emissions, but doesn’t address the ecosystem pollution and other issues that are a result of factory farming. Choosing one day a week to not eat meat and gradually working toward eating meat one day a week makes more sense. It’s also weird given Wall’s background that he’s uncertain methane is a greenhouse gas. Max et al appear to be under the strange impression that the Democratic Party has some united stance that candidates must align with, despite Joe Manchin, conservative, and Elizabeth Warren, progressive, having been elected in the same party and serving at the same time while differing greatly. Also, Bernie Sanders is a clear example of an Independent who successfully utilizes Democrats’ platform without compromising his values. It’s not that there hasn’t been a viable third party candidate. Voters compromise because the electoral system doesn’t empower third party voting, which is why people support changes like ranked-choice voting, and if 2016 taught anyone anything it was do not trust the polls. The author also perpetuates a misconception about the Overton window. “The most common misconception is that lawmakers themselves are in the business of shifting the Overton window. That is absolutely false. Lawmakers are actually in the business of detecting where the window is, and then moving to be in accordance with it.” Joseph Lehman, who coined the term, told Politico (2018). While yes, the US has always had a First Lady, Salina implies that the President has never been single, which is false. James Buchanan is often referred to as the “bachelor president” being single for the entirety of his term with his niece, Harriet Lane, serving as First Lady, so Max being single wouldn’t be new. Despite Nix’s pessimism, the role of First Lady has evolved over the years and is a platform for whatever causes she would choose. Eleanor Roosevelt defended Japanese Americans even as her husband put them in internment camps, so disagreeing with Max wouldn’t be new either. Michelle Obama also definitely did not get absorbed by her husband. Yes there is sacrifice, but the position is what Nix makes of it.

I loved The Kingmaker ( book one) but I agree with the previous reviewer. I was not prepared for the emotional depth of this book. I know I will be reading in again and again ( book one as well). So many times books are purchased, read, and forgotten. Not this one. It resonates. Kudos to Kennedy Ryan for taking the reader on a great journey.

I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR HOW DEEP THIS WAS GONNA GET!! i’m so sick of reading books that are just flat storyline and sex sex sex blah blah but i LOVED this series (so much that yes... i bought the second book). and boy did it NOT DISAPPOINT. it was the perfect balance of real world problems and also their lives, there was grief, violence, pressure, but also love, life, and sacrifice. it was a worthy read and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

💎 This duet is absolutely a MUST READ! This story tackles its way through years and growth of two people who were meant to be. It truly is beautifully written. Thank you❤️

The Rebel King is an absolutely beautiful conclusion to the All The King’s Men duet. The writing is gorgeous, the story is heart stopping and intense. “I’m feeling the weight of finding your person in a world full of somebodies. In a crowded galaxy, finding your star.” I NEEDED this story after the extreme cliffy at the end of The Kingmaker. I was immediately pulled right back into Lennix and Maxim’s story. “And in just this moment, it’s like déjà vu, and we’ve been here before, said these things before. I’m the guy and she’s the girl, her innocence reincarnated, my ideals resurrected, and it doesn’t matter if we’re in a field of tulips, or under a canopy of stars. We believe again.” At times this story completely shattered my heart, but I’m so glad that I was along for this amazing ride. I whole heartedly recommend this duet! A Must read! -5 Stars!-

Nix and Max are one of my favorite all time couples! Kennedy Ryan has woven an epic story that is important and relevant. It is timely and pertinent and one that we all must appreciate and understand.

This book was amazing! I had no doubt it would be, but wow! I love that I learn something new about social issues from reading her books! I truly loved learning about Lennix’s background. I loved learning about those Native American customs. I loved Maxim too! He faced off with his family to make his own way. I felt like I learned from his point of view also. Their chemistry was off the charts! I can’t wait to read the ending to their story. Now, we wait!!! Trying to wait patiently? Well... you will see.

5 “ We weren’t unlikely, we were inevitable” Stars!! Wow! Just WOW!! What a phenomenal and powerful read. Maxim and Lennix’s chemistry is off the charts, scorching hot, and my ultimate favorite couple ever! Their journey is not a race but instead, a test of endurance for the long haul. I absolutely love Kennedy Ryan’s writing style. All the feels, not only for the connection between the main characters, but for all the supporting characters. It’s thought provoking, moving, poetic, and you won’t be able to put it down. It captures your attention from beginning to end and makes you a believer. Bravo! A must read! “Traditions are the memories of those before us, breathed to life when we carry them on.”