Where the Heart Is By Billie Letts Ebook Download


About Where the Heart Is

Talk about unlucky sevens. An hour ago, seventeen-year-old, seven months pregnant Novalee Nation was heading for California with her boyfriend. Now she finds herself stranded at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma, with just $7.77 in change. But Novalee is about to discover hidden treasures in this small Southwest town--a group of down-to-earth, deeply caring people willing to help a homeless, jobless girl living secretly in a Wal-Mart. From Bible-thumping blue-haired Sister Thelma Husband to eccentric librarian Forney Hull who loves Novalee more than she loves herself, they are about to take her--and you, too--on a moving, funny, and unforgettable journey to . . . Where the Heart Is.

I did not even know this was a book! I had fallen in love with the movie and still think it is one of my all time favorites---but this book. Oh so much better than the movie. It was Novalee's intelligence that allowed her to accept the bad hand that Willy Jack dealt. She just picked up and went on. This story has been repeated over and over in real life by so many women I know starting with my mother.

A wonderful heart warming story. Read the book and see the movie. You'll love them both.