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About Crazy Rich Asians

A hilarious and heartwarming New York Times bestselling novel—the basis for the acclaimed major motion picture!

"There's rich, there's filthy rich, and then there's crazy rich ... A Pride and Prejudice-like send-up about an heir bringing his Chinese-American girlfriend home to meet his ancestor-obsessed family.” –PEOPLE

When New Yorker Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home and quality time with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has failed to give his girlfriend a few key details. One, that his childhood home looks like a palace; two, that he grew up riding in more private planes than cars; and three, that he just happens to be the country’s most eligible bachelor.
On Nick’s arm, Rachel may as well have a target on her back the second she steps off the plane, and soon, her relaxed vacation turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers.

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There were parts of this book that I very much enjoyed. Many characters were well developed and interesting (Astrid). However, many characters were unnecessary and the detail devoted to them, including the settings in which they are presented serve merely as filler. Overall, I stuck with this book through the end because I can’t stand to leave a book unfinished, and I did enjoy parts of it. However, I can’t recommend it.

I wish I read it before the movie! Either way both were well done in their own ways, and of course with the book coming first I can’t be disappointed! Such a great story! Time to start the next!

I recently began reading the book, it keeps you interested in the story line while explaining the family history and such 10/10 would recommend

Picked this up over the weekend & read it. It was the adventure my brain needed to escape! I highly recommend.

Kevin Kwan believer. Will buy all his books🎏💁‍♀️

Terrible reading and jr high writing

I enjoyed the movie more than I did the book.

I now know more about fancy designer labels, five Star restaurants and grand living than I know anything about the characters in this book. I could only read on chapter a day because the book is so boring. You can’t keep track of who’s who and the main characters Rachael and Nick are drowned out of the story because of all the explanations of house Rich the families are. I don’t even want to read book two because book one already ruined my passion for reading.

Lots of fun—great beach/plane reading. It’s similar to the film, but many of the characters have a much fuller backstory in this book.

I really enjoy the characters!

Not a good 📖book.🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

When I read the book then the next two books and watched the movie... I was so surprised. I didn’t expect the movie to be that good like the books. The books had more detail and more characters witch is the best but this book is soooo...FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

i really wish there was an abridged version of this book where you take out all the long descriptions of places and clothes and histories of a family’s wealth— that way i could get to the meat of the story: who the characters are, what their motives are, what they want, what their struggles are. like, i get it— they’re rich. you really don’t have to spend pages and pages reminding me that they are. also, really the most interesting story was astrid’s, but it’s a sub-plot rather than the main focus, which is unfortunate. also also, literally the only time i was super absorbed in the book was at LITERALLY THE VERY END when rachel’s mom is telling her backstory. it’s literally just a retelling in dialogue, but things are actually happening there— her plot was moving without stopping for pages just to be like, “look at all the expensive furniture in this room.” there were also just way too many characters to keep up with. i know this is sort of purposeful, to show the environment, but i lose track of all the characters and then end up not caring about any of them except for rachel, nick, astrid, michael, and peik lin. i definitely don’t like any characters except for those + mehmet and sophie, minus michael and honestly, minus nick. i guess i liked araminta at first, but then at the wedding when she was being bitchy to astrid, i dropped her. so when there are like 50 characters that are constantly brought up and you only like 5, i stopped really being invested. some parts of it also felt like just a travel ad for singapore? the author goes into a lot of depth into descriptions of food and places to get the best dishes. why were there so many times like, “here’s a description of this delicacy. rachel took one bite and said, ‘mmmm!’” the ending was also so unsatisfying, not only because it didn’t resolve anyone’s stories— what’s happening with nick and rachel? what about nick and his family? what about astrid and michael? astrid and charlie? what about cassian? he’s never really a character. what about eddie and fiona and their kids? bernard, alistair, and kitty? francesca and her grandfather and their whole family? amanda and her mom? amanda and nick?— and also not only because it was anticlimactic with no drive or energy at all, but also because it fell under the same trope that i see male writers write breakup arcs. the woman breaks up with the man, the man begs to get back together, he doesn’t give up and “proves” to the woman that they should get back together, and then the woman changes her mind. it’s very disrespectful to the person doing the breaking up. the writer even hinted that astrid and michael will get back together, even after michael broke up with astrid. charlie even suggests that astrid refuse to divorce michael for a year, and colin tells nick to go the extra mile in getting rachel back. it’s just really like, hey, if someone wants to break up with you, please respect that? it’s definitely a pet peeve of mine, as i’m sure you can tell, but it’s just disrespectful to the other party and what they want, and if we have so much media with this “breakup redemption arc” trope, then it supports this idea that it works and that that behavior it’s ok, when people really need to learn how to go through a breakup healthily and that it’s ok to break up. anyway. there are some things about the book that i like. it made me happy to see characters tying in asian values to their very not-asian ways— with filial piety and feng shui and all. and i’m glad to see a book about asians written by an asian person being shared and read by so many people. but this was not the right book for me. if you enjoy reading about super rich people and super rich things and awing over fashion and descriptions of food, this is the book for you.

A good, quick read that can take maybe a day to get through if you are a fast reader. Simple dialogue and quirky romance that makes it the perfect beach day book! Would definitely recommend this book to a friend.

Really nice book to read a bit mindlessly. Keep reading til the end that’s when it gets good. Overall I’d recommend it.

If you are looking for a story about a couple falling in love and fighting for it, this is not it. I think the last couple of chapters were the most interesting, but it is still anticlimactic with no real point to the book. I chose not to read on to the next book. It was not to my taste at least.

This book was amazing!! Highly recommend it!

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I don't have a problem with the book being light and airy. The writing is a bit stilted, but that doesn't bother me, either. I didn't buy it because I thought it was going to be a retelling of Genghis Khan as told to Shakespeare. I was looking for a frothy read, and I found it. What DOES bother me is that the footnotes are placed at the END of each chapter, not on the same page as the words or phrases they elucidate. The elucidations do me no good at all! If the footnotes MUST be placed at the end, maybe it would be better to at least repeat the word or phrase in question to remind the reader which one it is?!

I read this because my book club selected it, but I can’t believe they’ve made a movie out of this? Nothing unique or original. A bad soap opera only more trite, shallow and predictable!

Loved better than the movie. But the movie is phenomenal!

Fun read

This book was very entertaining and hilariously funny and good.

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A very different world that is hard to imagine but entertaining to read about!

Very good book! Really enjoyed it. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I likes how he movie ended better. I guess if I didn’t see the movie it would have been 5 stars.

Relaxing fun good read. No surprises. Take this on vacation.

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I was glued to this book for a week.! Better than binge watching Netflix!!!

The best book that I have read in awhile.Funny and refreshing

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I decided to read this book after seeing the movie because I fell in love with the characters. This books allows you a little more access to the characters. A layer that the movie just did not allow you to see. Their stories become a little more alive and vivid. This book had me laughing, oohing and ahhing more than the movie. A must read. Now on the second of the trilogy.

This book was a waste of time. The writing style is ordinary. The plot is repetitive and vapid. I certain.y won’t start the other titles in the series.


This was a fun summer read. Now I want to see the movie.

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I loved this book. I could not put it down!!!!! Definitely a must read!


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I hated that the ending came quickly. Read book first and then go see movie. There are some storyline changes - I wish they kept to the story.

Fun book. Entertaining and I assume informative

The perfect mix of comedy, drama and extravagant luxury! Heartwarming-ly romantic.

This was a refreshingly fun read. It was so addictive that I was walking and reading it on my phone everywhere I went. (Not advisable)

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Insightful, funny and a guilty pleasure!