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About Liberty At Last

An adventure that spans three countries...A love that lasts a lifetime.
I left the man I love to go to Mexico and find his missing daughter. I wanted to heal his broken heart. But now I've been captured by a traitor. I've just made everything worse...
But John Carter Quinn is a fighter, and he won't give up on me. Or his daughter. He'll fight the cartel that's stolen us. He won't give up until we're safe -- until his daughter is safe from the man who took her. But the cartel is dangerous, and things are not always what they seem. Even the people you love the most. They can break your heart. 
John and Liberty know love's power to bring you together. Can they survive love's power to destroy?
Liberty Begins (Book 1) needs to be read first. Book Three, Liberty...And Justice For All, is now available!